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What Our Clients say 



This cream is truly a miracle, for years I have suffered from arthritis, neuralgia and a bad back! After using this cream within days, the arthritis pain/soreness in my hands subsided, my nerve pain has subsided in my face, teeth and ribs and the soreness in my back has dissipated! I cannot imagine going a day without this incredible cream! It even smells amazing!

In August I was in a car accident and have been in chronic pain ever since. I have tried so many different products and none come close to giving me the relief that your cream does. It has seriously changed my life!

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The daily use of this facial cream has made a world of difference for my rosacea. I was scheduled for laser surgery and now I no longer need to go. Extremely grateful for all these natural products.

Facial Jade Roller
Senior Portrait

My 93 old mother who suffers from kidney disease was experiencing very dry skin (shedding
like a reptile) has been applying the # 1 cream for two months and it has replenished her skin. Rubbing the cream around her ankles has reduced the swelling and she now can wear her shoes.

Image by Adam Winger

I have been a hairdresser since high school and have dealt with carpal tunnel. My client saw me struggling one evening and gave me a jar of regular strength she had purchased. I have been a believer and use the product everyday.

I have sore and inflamed knees and I have used the cream for 4 months. I’m back to riding my bike and doing yoga exercises. Love it!


I have multiple sclerosis and have suffered from pain and a burning sensation in my feet for the last 10 years. I used the Kickin It Cream on my feet and the pain subsided. I'm grateful for the cream.

Pedicured Feet
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