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PAIN cream

The Super Secret Health (Ssh) #1 Herbal Pain Cream is a natural way to relieve many pain-related ailments. The unique formula contains an effective blend of essential oils and
Super-Secret Ingredients. It is fast penetrating, reduces inflammation and is easily
absorbed into the skin leaving no residue. Your skin will love it! Our #1 Herbal Pain Cream is our best selling product available in 3 different strengths (regular, extra strength, kickin it). The 3 strengths can be used on your body wherever needed - hands, wrists, elbows, arms, neck, back, hips, knees, ankles, feet, throat, chest and for sinus relief. Use It. Feel It. Love It.



Super Secret Health Products (Ssh) is an all-natural Canadian-based wellness brand on a mission to help people find pain relief. The Super Secret Health (Ssh) # 1 Herbal Pain Cream provides anti-inflammatory soothing/calming relief, relieves muscle and joint aches, pains associated with arthritis,
backaches, strain, and sprains. All our product’s ingredients are locally grown in Alberta and sourced throughout Canada.

Our story

I’ve had scoliosis my whole life and I was always in pain. I’ve tried many ways to ease my pain over the years with very little success. Eight years ago, I decided to create a cream that could ease my pain and give me relief, this is how (Ssh) #1Herbal Pain Cream came to life!  Relief in a jar!

- Kenny's Story

Our Bath Salts

Ssh..... Relax 

These soothing bath salts come in three beautiful scents to match your mood.

Orange & Spearmint: Rejuvenate and energize 

Grapefruit Delight: Refresh your senses

Lavender Bliss: Relax and let go. 

Enjoy The Ssh..... Experience!!!

Sitting in a Communal Bath

Our Face Cream

Our Products
2 oz 2.705.png

For Men

Our men’s skincare product "sKentastic" , is a unique blend of ingredients to improve the appearance of dry dull skin, reduce inflammation, skin irritations and beard conditioning.


Essential oils (thieves, dandelion, sunflower, olive, rosehip, sandalwood, palo santo) vitamin E, aloe vera, and super secret. 

For Women

Our women's skincare product Orange & Spearmint is designed to unleash the natural beauty from within. Rejuvenate youthful glow, reduces fine lines and signs of aging. 


-Essential oils (rosehip, rosemary, sunflower, olive), aloe vera, vitamins E & and C, and super secret

2 oz 1.704.png

#1 Herbal Pain Cream

#1 Herbal Pain Cream is carefully crafted essential oils and a blend of natural herbs (super secret) meticulously selected for their potent anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. Our company has harnessed the therapeutic properties of essential oils and super-secret ingredients to create a formula that works in harmony with your body’s natural processes. Three different strengths to suit individual needs Regular, Extra Strength, and Kickin It (strongest formula). Kickin It is beneficial for chronic long-term conditions. You can choose from two-ounce, four-ounce, or eight-ounce jars to always have the right amount on hand. 


Pain Relief: #1 Herbal Pain Cream
Women: $25.00
Men: $25.00
Ssh Relax Bath Salts $35 each
1# Herbal Pain Cream Sizes you're interested in:

Relief is on the way!

*Shipping charges will apply*

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